Food Thermometer Overheating Notification

by Weber Grills

June's Food Thermometer and Pro Food Thermometer are calibrated to detect food doneness temperatures in the 50-212°F range. The majority of food is done in the 120-165°F range. When the thermometer detects a temperature above 212°F, June will display the Thermometer Overheating notification. This usually happens when the tip of the thermometer is exposed to the hot air inside the oven or is close to/touching the pan.

Here’s what to do when you receive a Food Thermometer Overheating notification:

  1. Carefully remove the thermometer from your oven and cool it down by running cold tap water over the probe tip. After about 30 seconds the thermometer sensor should be cool enough to return to the oven.

  2. When returning the thermometer to the oven, make sure the probe tip is in the geometric center of the food and not in contact with the pan or exposed to the air. Learn more about placing the thermometer correctly in this guide.

June may also automatically cancel a cook session if the thermometer’s temperature gets too high. In these cases, you’ll need to manually restart your cook session in addition to following the steps above.

If you continue to receive Food Thermometer Overheating notifications and your thermometer is placed correctly, contact June’s support team.

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