WiFi Settings Menu

by Weber Grills

June Oven connects to WiFi as part of the initial set up process. You can change networks or disconnect from WiFi at any time by selecting [Settings] > [WiFi] from the oven’s home screen.

If your oven is already connected to a network, the following options are available:

  • Connected: Displays the name of the network you’re connected to. Selecting this option will list the IP address your oven is currently connected with and give you options to [Disconnect] from the network or [Get Details] about the network you are already connected to. These details include the IP, router and MAC addresses as well as the form of security used by the connected network.

  • Other Networks: Use to change what network your oven is connected to. Selecting this option will have June scan for other networks, and then display them in order of signal strength with the strongest at the top. Select a different network and enter the password to connect to it.

If your oven isn’t connected to a network, the following option is available:

  • Connect to WiFi: Use to connect your oven to a WiFi network.

If you’re having trouble connecting your oven to your WiFi network, use our troubleshooting guide.

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