Virtual Rotisserie

by Weber Grills

Virtual Rotisserie in June Oven


When designing our third generation of June Oven, we took the opportunity to improve the way June’s heating elements are controlled. Now they can behave independently of each other instead of in fixed groups. This allows for greater precision when controlling cook temperature and led to the creation of Virtual Rotisserie, a way for anyone to get evenly browned and perfectly cooked chicken right at home.

How it works

Virtual Rotisserie has been integrated into the “Chicken, Whole” Cook-Program. Similar to our other Cook-Programs, the process begins in a cold oven with the chicken in the Nonstick Pan. The Food Thermometer is inserted into the thickest part of the breast and connected to the oven. From there, your June Oven does the rest.

Virtual Rotissiere’s advancements allow for a gentle preheating process that protects the parts of the chicken closest to the elements. Once preheated, the rotisserie effect begins, rotating the heat around the oven in timed intervals, smoothly cross-fading from one element to the next to simulate the chicken being rotated around a single heat source. The rate of movement may increase or decrease over the course of cooking and this is natural as your oven keeps recalculating the optimal cook.

Frequently asked questions

I’m not seeing the rotisserie effect in the oven when I put my chicken in. Is it working?
The June Oven has to fully preheat before the Virtual Rotisserie starts, which can take up to 15 minutes. Once fully preheated the heat will begin cycling around the oven, though it is natural for it to speed up, slow down, or temporarily stop during the cooking process. This is influenced by the temperature readings from the Food Thermometer and no two cooking cycles will appear the same.
Will this feature be coming to first and second generation ovens?
As the Virtual Rotisserie functionality is dependent on new hardware found in the June Oven (3rd generation), this will remain exclusive to that model. The method older June Ovens use to cook chickens will remain unchanged.
What is the recommended type of chicken to use for the Chicken, Whole program?
Most June recipes are written for chickens ranging from 3 – 4 lb, often labeled as “fryer” size at the meat counter. We’ve found this size to get the best results, though depending on the recipe you may see us call for chickens ranging from 2 ½ – 5 lb depending on what else is roasting at the same time. If you’re looking to serve more than four people at once, we recommend our Two Chickens and Vegetables recipe to make up to eight portions rather than using a chicken larger than 5 lb.
How is a program that uses Virtual Rotisserie different?
In addition to the light show, one noticeable difference is Cook-Programs and recipes that take advantage of Virtual Rotisserie require a little longer to cook than their conventional counterparts. The gentler preheat and rotating heat source cook the chicken at a slightly slower rate to prevent overcooked exteriors and retain juices, which depending on the chicken can add up to 20 extra minutes of cook time when compared to earlier June Oven models.
I want to use Virtual Rotisserie on another protein, like a leg of lamb or prime rib. Can I do that?
Currently, the Virtual Rotisserie feature is only available on the “Chicken, Whole” Cook-Program or recipes with “Rotisserie” in the title.

If you other questions about Virtual Rotisserie we haven't answered here, please contact our support team.

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