General Settings Menu

by Weber Grills

This menu can be located by selecting [Settings] from your June Oven’s home screen.

The following options are in the General menu:

  • Temperature Unit: Toggle between Farenheit and Celsius as the default temperature unit displayed on your oven. This will update the default temperature on all connected devices as well. Temperatures listed in June’s Guided Recipes will remain Farenheit, but June will automatically use the Celsius equivalents.
  • Food Recognition: Toggle the Food Recognition feature on and off. When off, your oven will no longer identify foods or provide suggestions for what Cook-Programs to use.
  • Screen Lock: Toggle the Screen Lock feature on and off. Formerly known as “Child Lock”, this locks your June’s touchscreen after a period of inactivity and displays a lock icon when interacted with. To unlock, press and hold on the lock icon for two seconds, or open your oven door. When this is enabled, you can lock your oven right away by tapping the clock on the oven’s home screen.
  • Auto-Stop: Adjust the period of time June will remain fully preheated before canceling a cook session. You can set the length of time for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 2 hours and 8 hours. New June Ovens are set to 30 minutes.
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