Factory Reset

by Weber Grills

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Factory Reset erases all information on the oven, including helpful software logs our team can uses for troubleshooting. If you are attempting to solve a problem with your oven, contact our Support Team before using this feature.

Factory Reset removes all user information stored on June Oven. This erases all the network connections, paired devices, cook history, adjusted Cook-Programs and software log files. After this process is finished, the oven will boot up to the welcome screen and require an initial setup before first use. This process cannot be reversed.

Use this feature when preparing to sell or donate your oven, or when asked to by our Support Team during troubleshooting.

  1. From the oven’s main menu, select [Settings] > [Maintenance] > [Factory Reset].
  2. June will ask if you want to wipe all data and reset to a clean copy of juneOS. Select [Erase Oven] to proceed.
  3. The process will take a few minutes. Do not unplug your oven during this process. When complete, the oven will display the welcome screen.

Frequently asked questions

What happens to my Cook History videos after I use Factory Reset?

These videos are connected to the oven and get permanently erased during a reset. If you have Cook History videos you would like to keep, save these to your connected device before initiating the reset.

What happens to my Custom Cook-Programs after I use Factory Reset?
These are connected to the Apple ID that downloaded the June app from the App Store. The Custom Cook-Programs should appear shortly after the same iOS device is paired with the newly reset oven. If they don’t appear on their own, you can trigger them to update by using Settings>Software Update on your oven. Cook-Programs download in the background, so they should appear soon after updating.
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