Cooking with June FAQs

by Weber Grills
What's June's temperature range?

June’s standard range is from 100-500°F. When using the Proof setting, June’s lower range extends down to 80°F. This range can vary depending on the Cook Mode used.

How do I know what temperature to set my oven to?

When using June's Cook-Programs, Guided Recipes or Food ID, oven temperatures are set automatically. When making one of your own recipes, follow the recipe's instructions.

What is the largest size pan I can use? Can I use pans I already have?

June can fit pans up to 12-by-16-inches and any lidded pots under 5.7 inches tall. You can use any oven safe bakeware you already own.

Do I need special recipes to cook with June?

No. June’s Bake and Roast modes behave very similarly to baking and convection roasting in traditional ovens, so you can continue to make the recipes you already do and they will benefit from June’s accurate temperature settings and precision controls.

That said, June can do so much more than a traditional oven and has the recipes to prove it. June has over 500 video guided smart recipes featuring step-by-step video demonstrations and cooking directions that sync with your oven. There are also over 200+ specialty Cook-Programs that will automate cooking the foods you make every day.

When using a Cook-Program or Guided Recipe that uses the Food Thermometer, why does the "time remaining" occasionally change?

June uses the current internal temperature of the food, desired internal temperature of the food and temperature of the oven to calculate the remaining cook time. The time you see on your screen is the estimated amount of time for the average size of the particular protein or vegetable.

Since not all proteins or vegetables are the same size, our oven will change its estimate based based on your particular food you are cooking. The remaining cook time can change as June continually runs the algorithm while your food is cooking in order to provide the most accurate ETA possible based on the oven's interior temperature and the food's internal current temperature.

We recommend keeping an eye on your food via the June app in case your food is ready sooner than expected!

For my own recipes, what shelf position do I use?

We recommend cooking your recipes on the middle shelf. In the event you are cooking large items such as poultry or bundt cakes, you may need to use the lower shelf position where it provides more overhead space.

If I wanted to leave something in the oven and plan to cook it remotely, is that possible?

For food safety, we do not recommend leaving perishables in the June oven as it is not suitable for food storage. The June Oven does not have a built-in cooling feature to keep food cold until it's ready to be cooked.

Can I add an extra 30 seconds to a minute to something that's cooking?

There are several ways to do this on June.

  • If your cook session is still in progress, you can adjust the timer before the session ends using the oven's touchscreen or the Oven section of the June app. This only applies when cooking with Cook Modes.
  • When a cook session is finished, you can select [Keep Cooking] for more time. When using a Cook-Program or Guided Recipe, this will add another 30 seconds to a minute, depending on the session. When using a Cook Mode, this will start an open-ended cook session with no timer.
I've had my June for a while and my food is coming out differently than when I got it. What's going on?

As you cook in June, grease and debris will gradually build up on the oven walls. Over time, this will affect how the walls of your oven reflects heat and cooks. Cleaning your oven using our guide will get your June back to normal.

Is there a community page to share tips and recipes with other June owners?

We have a community page on our site, and also a group on Facebook, The Official June Oven Owners Page. This is a great place for all June Oven owners to share their cooking experiences. If you didn't receive an invite, please let us know so we can send that to you.

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