by Weber Grills

June has a variety of software and hardware features with your safety in mind.

Software Safety Features:

  • Screen Lock: June’s touchscreen can be locked to prevent unintentional input or activation. This can be turned on and off in Settings.
  • Auto-Stop: June automatically cancels completed preheats after 30 minutes of inactivity. The length of time before cancellation can be adjusted in Settings.
  • Remote Access: You can disable remote access from your oven's settings at any time.
  • Cleaning Mode: When using cleaning mode, June will lock the touchscreen and prevent all remote access features during cleaning.
  • Advanced Encryption Standard: All communication between the oven, app, and services are protected by industry-standard AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.
  • Secure Pairing: Remote control and viewing are granted to devices on an individual basis, through physical access to the oven and a single-use security code.
  • Software Overheat Protection: If your oven starts to get too hot, a low-level software process will tell the June Oven to disengage your cooking process by ending the cooking session immediately. June will then run the convection fans on a high setting to cool the interior down without assistance.

Hardware Safety Features:

  • No PFOAs or PTFEs: PFOAs and PTFEs are not used for any part of June Oven or June’s accessories.
  • Touch-Safe Exterior: Insulation around the oven cavity keeps June’s outside at safe-to-touch temperatures. June’s door uses dual layer IR-reflective glass to keep the front cool-to-touch.
  • Element Shut Off: June’s heating elements shut off when the oven door is opened. They resume their program when the door closes.
  • Hardware Overheat Protection: June Ovens have a mechanical thermal cut-off switch — it’s the first thing current passes through before going anywhere else in the oven. This thermal cut-off switch can be activated when the oven gets too hot and without the aid of software. When activated, the oven will shut off completely. The cut-off point occurs well before there would be safety concerns, or physical damage to the oven.
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