June Oven FAQs

by Weber Grills
Where did the name June come from?

The inspiration behind our name, June, is that it is not only just a month, but also the official start of summer. To us, the summer is full of warmth, joy, and brightness. The word "June" is crisp and simple, just as we believe cooking should be.

Is the June Oven UL certified?

All three generations of June Oven are UL Certified.

Can I change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius?

Yes. This can be done in the General Settings menu.

Can I use June outside the United States?

We currently only sell and support June Oven in the United States.

Can I have distribution rights to sell your product outside the United States?

June Oven is the first product for June. We have one model available for purchase at this time. If you haven't already joined our mailing list, please do so here so we can keep you posted on any new products we develop in the future.

How much does the June Oven weigh?

40 pounds. The shipping box may be up to 57 pounds with accessories and packaging.

What's the purpose of the June Premium Membership? Is it required to use the oven?

The membership gives you full access to our library of Guided Recipes. You can still use all the other connected functions as well as a sample collection of free recipes without a membership.

What are the safety features available on the oven?

June has a variety of software and hardware safety features. Here's a full list of June's safety features.

What information is sent to June about my usage?

Please view June's privacy policy to see what information is being sent to June from your oven..

Where is the speaker located?

In the June Oven (1st generation), the speaker is below the logo, behind the door. In the June (2nd & 3rd generation) Oven, the speaker is in the front slightly to the left of the center.

What type of computer is in the oven?

The computer in the June Oven is a NVIDIA K1 Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A15 2.2GHz Processor with 2GB of RAM.

Where are the cooling fans located?

There are several cooling fans designed to keep the oven at bay while ensuring no parts are overheated during cooking. One cooling fan is located at the back of the oven in the top center. There is another cooling fan in the back towards the bottom. Please ensure that these vent holes on the top and rear of the oven and back should not be covered to avoid overheating. You can learn more about leaving ventilation space around June Oven here.

Does the June Oven come in different colors?

The June Oven does not come in different colors right now, but we'd love to hear your requests. Please tell us your ideas at suggestions@juneoven.com.

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