Video Guided Smart Recipes

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With June, you’re never alone in the kitchen.

June’s Video Guided Smart Recipes pairs easy to follow step-by-step video directions with June’s integrated connectivity and smart features. Your oven follows along, synchronizing all temperatures, timers and doneness settings automatically as you go. With over 500 recipes to choose from and counting, you’ll find a wide variety of meals, snacks, and desserts to make from the Cookbook in the June app.

Anatomy of a June Recipe

When you select a recipe you’d like to make from the Cookbook, you’ll see the recipe overview screen. Here you’ll find a highlight video summarizing the recipe, an introduction, prep and cook times, how many servings it yields, and what oven shelf you’ll be using. The introduction is a great source of context about a recipe, with possible substitutions you might make or serving suggestions. Finally, there’s a visual list of all the ingredients and tools required to make the recipe.

Browsing Recipes

To browse all steps of a recipe, tap [Get Started]. You can now swipe through the steps without activating the oven. Looking for new recipes? June has Recipe Collections that group together recipes by theme. You can search and filter for just the recipes you want. Found a recipe you can’t wait to cook? Save it so you don't forget with Bookmarks.

Cooking with a June Recipe

When you’re ready to start cooking, tap [Get Started] to open the first step. Each recipe step has a video that lets you follow along with our culinary experts. Below the video you’ll see what step you’re on, written directions for each step, and the list of ingredients and tools needed for each step. Use the orange action buttons to trigger actions on your oven, such as preheating or setting doneness preferences. As you complete each step, just swipe on to the next one.

Frequently asked questions

Can I make substitutions to a June recipe?

Our Culinary Team tests and retests every recipe multiple times across different generations of the oven to make sure they work as written. When we have tested a substitution or know of one that won’t affect the outcome of a recipe, we often call them out in a recipe’s introduction.

Quantities of salt, pepper and spices can be adjusted for individual preferences. If there’s a recipe you’d really like to make but want to make a substitution, contact our Support Team so they can check with the experts.

The recipe I want to make calls for a metal 9x13 pan. Can I use a ceramic or glass one instead?
Most of our recipes are designed for June’s accessories so everyone can have the same experience when cooking at home. Occasionally, recipes will call for other bakeware items, such as a casserole dish, a muffin pan, or a pie plate. If a particular type of material is called for the recipe will turn out best using that type. If you need to substitute for something else, keep in mind different materials conduct heat differently and will cook at different rates. Your recipe may end up taking more or less time than called for, so keep an eye on your food during these cooks and adjust accordingly.
Why does the ingredient image show more or less of an ingredient than what’s called for in the recipe?
Ingredient images are intended as placeholders for easy visual identification and are used for any quantity of that ingredient. For example, butter is always shown as one stick, and any quantity of eggs larger than 1 will show a bowl of eggs. Always use the amount called for in the recipe text, not what is displayed in the picture.
Can I read through a recipe without starting my oven?
Absolutely! You can click [Get Started] on the recipe overview screen and swipe through all the recipe steps. If your oven is currently not active, you may hear occasional friendly chirps as you pass through different recipe steps (it’s just letting you know it’s ready it’s ready when you are) but nothing will happen unless you open your oven door or you select [Start Preheating] within the recipe. If your oven is actively cooking something else, your active cook won’t be interrupted.
Why are some recipes marked “Free” and others “Premium”?
June’s recipe content requires an active Premium Membership subscription to access. When viewing the Cookbook without an active membership, “Free” and “Premium” flags will appear on the recipes. We have a rotating selection of recipes that are free to use without a membership that showcase various features of the June Oven. The current selection of free recipes can be found in the Free Recipes collection.
I’d like to see more of a particular type of recipe. How do I tell you?
We’d love to know what you’d like to see come to June. Send us a message at

Have more questions about June's recipes? Contact our service team.

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