"Can I Cook This in June?" FAQs

by Weber Grills
Can I cook pizza in June?

June can make fresh and frozen pizza and can fit pies up to 12” in diameter. Use June’s Cook-Programs for frozen pizzas and leftover pizza slices. Use the Pizzaiolo Cook Mode for fresh dough stone-fired pizzas and the Bake Cook Mode when making pizzas that cook in a metal pan or cast iron skillets.

Can I cook a whole chicken in June?

June can roast a whole chicken. Use June’s Cook-Programs to cook a whole chicken or a spatchcocked chicken to perfect doneness. The third generation June Oven will use Virtual Rotisserie for perfect results.

June also has several recipes for roasting a whole chicken, including this one for roasting two chickens with vegetables at once.

How big a turkey can I cook in June?

June can cook a turkey up to 10-12 pounds in size. However, June's actual maximum weight capacity will vary depending on the type, cut, shape and size of the turkey.

June has Cook-Programs for bone-in and boneless turkey breasts. We also have an excellent recipe for Roasted Turkey Breast with Gravy.

Can I make popcorn in June?

Using two Air Baskets to make a cage, June can air-pop popcorn using the Popcorn Cook-Program. We also have recipes for Air-Popped Popcorn, Ranch Popcorn, and Caramel Corn in the Cookbook section of the June app.



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