Measurements and Proper Ventilation

by Weber Grills

June's Dimensions and Space Requirements

The June Oven (2nd and 3rd generation) measures 19.6”w x 19”d x 12.75”h. However, the oven requires additional space around it to ensure proper ventilation. All the intelligence we packed into the June Oven means lots of electronic components. The vents built into the sides, top, and rear of the oven help keep this technology at proper operating temperatures. These vents should always be kept unobstructed and nothing should be stored directly on top or to the sides of the June Oven, as this can cause overheating. Here’s how to measure for the most popular configurations to guarantee you have enough surrounding clearance to keep your June Oven happy.

Counter Top

This is our favorite way to set up a June Oven, where the rubber rear bumper is flush with the wall. Plan to have at least 8 inches of clearance on the right and left sides of your oven, and at least 4 inches of space above your oven between any cabinetry. These clearances also apply if finding a home for your June Oven on a kitchen cart or metro-style shelving. When selecting a space, use these dimensions to measure: 35.6”w x 19”d x 16.75”h.

Counter Top, Corner
Sometimes the best place in a kitchen for a June Oven is nestled into a corner. Your oven can be angled into a corner when the back corners form 45° angles with each wall, the space to the right and left sides is left open, and there is at least 4 inches of open space between the top of the oven and any cabinetry. When selecting a space, use these dimensions to measure from the wall corner: 30.11”w x 30.11”d x 16.75”h.
Partially Enclosed Cabinetry
Many homes feature wall alcoves that while originally intended for microwave ovens can be an ideal home for a June Oven. In this configuration, June can accommodate at least 2 inches on the right and left sides, provided there are 8 inches of clearance both behind and above it. When selecting a space, use these dimensions to measure: 23.6”w x 27”d x 20.75”h.

Not Recommended

The following use cases are not recommended and could damage the oven, voiding the warranty.

  • Operating the June Oven with obstructed vents. For example, storing baking pans or other items directly on top of the oven.
  • Operating the June Oven in a fully enclosed space, such as a cabinet with a closing door.
  • Installing the June Oven within any mobile environment, such as on an RV or a boat.
  • Installing the June Oven in any outdoor kitchen settings (It is designed for indoor use only).


If you are interested in using your June in a space not described here or have additional questions about how much space is needed for your oven, please contact our support team.

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