Cook History, Time-Lapse Videos and Cook Feedback

by Weber Grills

[Currently these features are only available in the iOS app.]

Cook History

History keeps a record of your 20 most recent cooks and lives in the History section of the June app. They are listed reverse chronologically starting with your most recent cook and will display the icon of the Cook-Program or Cook Mode used during that session.

Selecting an item from the History brings up the cook summary for that session, containing the date and time of the cook, a temperature chart, the time lapse video of the cook, and Feedback Survey.

Time-Lapse Videos

As part of History, June saves a time-lapse video of each cook session. These videos are accessible from a session’s history page for as long as the item remains in your History. These videos go away as past sessions age out of your History, so make sure to save the videos you want to keep.

  • Watching: Time-Lapse videos can be watched right in the app. You can use the AirPlay icon to stream the video to any other compatible devices on your network.
  • Saving and Sharing: Videos can be saved and shared by selecting the Share icon at the top right of the display, then selecting [Time-lapse Video]. To save the video, you can use [Save Image] to save it to your device’s photo library, or select [AirDrop] to send the file to another device on your network. To generate a share link that can be viewed by anyone with a web browser, select [Copy], then paste the link into a text message or email.

Cook Feedback

Feedback can be submitted for any time you use a Cook Mode, a Cook Program, or a Guided Recipe. The cook summary from any item in the history will have a feedback section below the video.

Tap on either the happy or sad face to send your feedback. When the sad face is selected, you’ll be asked for some additional information to help the June team figure out what happened. This feedback gets submitted to our Support Team to review and they will reach out to learn more and help improve your future cooking experiences.

Items in your History where feedback was submitted will have the corresponding face emoji below the date. Items without feedback will display a message reminding you to “Rate this cook session.” 

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