Oven Fan Rattling Noise

by Weber Grills

If you hear rattling sounds coming from your oven when the fans are on, try these steps.

  1. Make sure nothing is on your oven or leaning against it. Items may be rattling against the outside of the oven when the fans are active.
  2. Confirm your oven is level. Make sure June is on a level surface. If June is on an uneven surface, move June to a surface that is level.

  3. Turn the convection fans on and off. Preheat the Bake Cook Mode to 100°F, then open and close the door to start the cook session. Tap the oven screen and select [Options] > [Convection Fans]. Try turning convection on and off. Notice if the noise is present only if the convection fans are on or also when they are off. If the noise is only present when the convection fans are active, contact our Support Team. If the noise is still there when convection is not active, proceed to the next step.

  4. Inspect and clean the bottom cooling fan. Use this guide for cleaning the bottom of your oven to clean the cooling fan underneath your oven.

If you still hear rattling sounds coming from your oven fans, contact our Support Team.


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