Food Came Out Overcooked or Undercooked

by Weber Grills

Undercooked Food Troubleshooting

  • Too much food in the pan: For Cook-Programs and Guided Recipes that use the timer instead of the Food Thermometer, overloading the pan with too much food can cause food to cook slower than normal.
  • Thermometer is in the wrong place: This can happen when the thermometer tip isn’t in the geometric center of the food and June is reading the temperature away from the center. Carryover cooking relies on the center reaching a particular temperature before removing from the oven. If the center hasn’t actually reached that temperature, there won’t be enough heat energy left in the food to raise the temperature to the expected point. The geometric center may not always be where you expect, so we’ve put together some examples for how to place the thermometer in different foods.
  • Your oven needs to be cleaned: If you're finding foods are taking longer to cook than they used to and are undercooked at their usual times, this probably means your oven needs to be cleaned. As grease and debris build up in your oven over time, this can affect how heat is reflected off your oven walls and actually slow down the cooking process. Cleaning your oven with this guide should get things back to normal.
  • Oven not receiving enough power: If you're finding cook sessions are taking longer than they should and your oven is clean, it's possible June is having to share the power it needs with another appliance. If June is sharing a circuit or surge protector with other appliances, it may not be able to pull the full amount of power needed to cook properly. Learn more about June's minimum electrical requirements here.

Overcooked Food Troubleshooting

  • Take out of the oven right away: Make sure you’re removing food as soon as possible after June says it’s ready. Certain foods like Fried Eggs need to be removed immediately to prevent overcooking.

  • Don't rest meat in the cooking pan: When resting proteins, transfer them to a cutting board or a platter. If they are resting it the pan they were cooked in, the extra heat from the pan may be contributing to more carry over cooking than expected.

  • Too little food in the pan: For Cook-Programs and Guided Recipes that use the timer instead of the Food Thermometer, having too little food in the pan can cause food to cook faster than normal and overcook.

If you've tried this advice and are still having trouble, contact our Support Team for more in-depth troubleshooting.

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