App Notifications

by Weber Grills

The June app provides notifications for different oven events on your connected devices. You may receive alerts for the following events:

  • Preheat Finished: June has preheated to the desired temperature and ready to begin cooking.
  • Timer Progress: For cook sessions using the temperature probe, June will send notifications when the estimated cook time is updated or when there is one minute left in a cook session.
  • Timer Ended: June will send notifications when the timer has ended or the thermometer probe reaches the target temperature.
  • Flip Alerts: June will notify you when food need to be flipped when using one of the Cook-Programs or Guided Recipes.
  • New Recipes: June will send a notification when a new recipe is released.

Notification Settings

June's notifications can be adjusted so you receive all, some, or none of these alerts. In the June app, select [Settings] from the Oven section, and toggle most of these notifications on or off.

WatchOS or WearOS devices paired with the device running the June App can also receive notifications. 

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