Oven Lights Won't Turn Off

by Weber Grills

There are a few possible reasons your oven light won't go off. Here's what might be causing it and some fixes you can try.

  • Cook session in progress: When June is cooking, the lights stay on at half power the entire time. Once June finished cooking, the oven lights will go off.
  • Oven door not fully closed: Sometimes the Crumb Tray may prevent the door from closing all the way. Make sure the Crumb Tray is fully inserted and try closing your door again.
  • Door button is stuck: There is a button in the door frame on the right side of the oven behind the touchscreen that clicks as the door closes and lets the lights know to turn off. Try pressing this button in and out a few times to unstick it. When it's working, the lights should fade off when the button is fully pressed in.
  • Oven is locked for cleaning: When you lock the oven using June's Clean menu, the oven lights remain on at full power to provide illumination for cleaning. Unlock your oven by following the directions on the screen for the lights to go off.

If none of these helped fix your oven lights, contact our Support Team.

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