Troubleshooting Your WiFi Connection

by Weber Grills

[Before trying these troubleshooting steps, make sure your WiFi router is powered on and other devices are connected and able to access the internet.]

If you’re having trouble connecting June to WiFi, here are several possible reasons and how to fix them.

  • Incorrect password: Make sure the password is correctly entered, especially upper vs lower case letters. If your WiFi password changed recently, make sure you are using the current password.

  • Signal Strength: Your router may be too far away from June, or there may be things between your router and June that are interfering with the connection. Try repositioning your router or June, then reboot and try again. If your router supports mesh networking, you may need to use a range extender to improve the signal where you want to use June. If you’re attempting to connect to a 5GHz network, try using a 2.4GHz network instead.

  • Hidden networks: June doesn’t support hidden WiFi networks and can only connect to networks that are publicly visible.

  • Incompatible security protocols: Your network may be using an unsupported security protocol (such as WPS, WEP, or WPA-3). Try using WPA-2 Personal and make sure Protected Management Frames (PMF) is disabled.

  • WiFi 6 Router: These routers can use new methods for fast speeds that can be less compatible for all devices. Make sure your router can accept connections from 20 and 40MHz channel devices. Check if your router has a “legacy mode” or “compatibility mode” that supports devices that don’t yet have WiFi 6.

If you still have issues connecting to WiFi, please contact June Support.

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