The June App

by Weber Grills

June’s companion app increases June’s potential. Once you’ve installed the June app and paired an iOS or Android device to your oven, here’s what you can do:

Push Notifications

The June app can send you notifications for the following events:

  • Preheat Finished
  • Timer Progress
  • Timer Ended/Target Temperature Reached
  • Flip Alerts
  • New Recipe Alerts

These notifications can be turned on or off in the application settings. WatchOS or WearOS devices paired with the device running the June App can also receive notifications.

Cook Progress

The Cooking section contains cook progress information when the oven is active. Similar to the information displayed on the oven’s touchscreen, this enables you to track remaining time and food temperature when you are away from your oven.


The June app functions as a remote control for the oven, allowing for adjustment of timers, temperature settings, and convection fans right from the app. All active cook sessions can be stopped remotely. Bake, Roast, and all the Cook-Programs can be started from the app.

Temperature Graphs

On the Dashboard, you can find a graph showing the oven temperature over time, as well as the temperature of the Food Thermometer when used.

Live View

The Live View section displays real-time camera feed during an active cook session for visual tracking of progress.

Cook History and Time-Lapse Videos

Cook History stores information on your most recent Cook Sessions. The Live Camera Feed from those sessions are condensed into Time-Lapse Videos that can be saved to your device and shared with friends. (Currently iOS only.)


Access and quickly search all of June’s Cook-Programs right from your device. Selecting a program in the app will alert your oven and it will be ready to start cooking once food is added.

Custom Cook-Programs

Write your own multi-step Cook-Programs by combining any of June’s Cook Modes with times, temperatures and Food Thermometer temperature targets. You can share these programs with other June users. Learn more about Custom Cook-Programs. (Currently iOS only.)

Guided Smart Recipes (Premium Membership Required)

Full access to a library of 500+ June-exclusive recipes, with a new recipe added every Friday. These recipes directly integrate with June Oven, providing step-by-step video guidance, easy-to-understand directions, and automatic syncing of cook directions straight to your oven. June will automatically preheat and cook as you move through the various steps, making meal time easier and more fun than ever. Not sure if it’s for you? Give some a try by exploring our collection of free recipes.

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