Premium Membership Subscriptions

by Weber Grills

The Premium Membership unlocks access to the full library of 500+ Video Guided Smart Recipes. The June Plus and Premium bundles come with a 1-year subscription that gets activated automatically as part of the initial oven set up.

For June Ovens that shipped without this subscription included, access can be purchased at any time. Select a recipe with a “Premium” flag from the Cookbook section of the app, select [Go Premium] and sign up for the subscription.

Frequently asked questions

Does every member of my household need to purchase a Premium Membership to use the recipes?

No. Once the subscription has been purchased by one device paired with the oven, the recipes can be accessed by every device paired with that oven.

I already purchased the Premium Membership with my older oven. Can I transfer that to another June Oven?

You will be able to transfer your Premium Membership subscription since it was purchased using your Apple ID account.

  1. Check that you are logged into the same Apple ID account that purchased the subscription.

  2. Connect the June app on your device to your oven.

  3. In your June App, go to the Cookbook tab and select "Go Premium" from one of the premium recipes or the catalog list. Instead of pressing 'Start free trial', please tap 'Restore Purchase From the App Store'.

  4. After the restore completes you are all set to use the Cookbook app with your new June Oven.


Have more questions about the Premium Membership? Contact our support team.

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