Pairing the June App with Your Oven

by Weber Grills

The June app is designed to work in tandem with June Oven to make cooking even easier and more fun than ever before. The June app is required for features such as Push Notifications, Cook Progress, Remote Control and Live Video, as well as Premium Membership features like Guided Smart Recipes.

How to Pair Your June Oven with the June App

You can pair your mobile device when prompted as part of the setup process or at any time from the [Connect] menu on the oven’s home screen. Before you begin, make sure your June Oven is on and connected to the internet.

  1. Download the iOS or Android version of the June app on the device you’d like to connect.
  2. On the oven, swipe left twice and select [Connect] from your home screen. June will display a number pad asking you to enter your app security code.
    1. If you have already paired your oven to at least one device, June will display a list of connected devices instead. Use the [+] icon to add a new device.
  3. On your device, open the June app. Select [Connect to Oven].
  4. The app will generate the 8-digit security code. Return to your oven and type in the code. After a few moments you’ll be notified your device has been successfully connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the oven without the mobile app?

June’s 12 Cook Modes and Cook Programs do not require the app to use. Pairing with the mobile app is required to use all the June app features.

Can I connect to my iOS or Android device with Bluetooth instead of WiFi?

June uses a secure WiFi connection to pair with iOS and Android devices. Bluetooth is not supported at this time.

Can I connect multiple devices to the same oven?

Yes. These can be a mix of iOS and Android devices.

How do I know what devices are paired with my oven?

Once at least one device has been paired to your oven, the Connect menu on your oven’s home screen will list all currently connected devices. Selecting a device from the list will let you know what date the device was paired to your oven and provides the option to unpair the device if desired.

Can I disconnect devices paired with my oven?

There are two ways to disconnect a device from the oven.

  1. Using the June app, select [Settings] from the Oven section and choose [Disconnect from Oven].
  2. On your oven’s touchscreen, select [Connect] and then tap on the device you want to disconnect. Select [Remove App] to disconnect.
What if someone guesses my pairing code to my oven?

This code is single-use only and a new one is randomly generated every time you pair a device with the oven. The pairing code must be entered into the oven screen manually during the pairing process.

Have other questions about connecting the app to your oven? Contact our service team.

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